A Guide to Residential Design Specialists


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Guide Residential Design Specialist

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About this Resource

You need more living space and have decided it's time to get serious about a second-level addition, or perhaps you've purchased a parcel of land with an eye toward building your "dream home" in the near future. As you sit back and consider the scope of the project, you're besieged with a whirl of questions. "A Guide to Residential Design Specialists" is a 12 page booklet that can help your dreams become reality in ways you never thought possible.


  • How to Find the Right Building Designer
  • The Interview and Compensation
  • Your Role on the Design Team
  • Prioritizing Your "Wish List"
  • Establishing a Program and Budget
  • The Design Process

Resource contributor

Steve Mickley is the Executive Director of AIBD and a Certified Professional Building Designer. Prior to his current position, Steve most recently was the Managing Director of SGA Architecture in Palm Beach, FL and spent 10 years as owner of a...